Skin Elysées

Esther, founder of Skin Elysées, was immersed in traditional Asian beauty rituals from an early age. She watched her grandmother do her own skin care in her native China. It was already using a method that is now widespread in Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan, which consists of applying several products on top of each other: a technique called "layering". Esther knew that this technique was a beauty secret for her grandmother and other women in Asia and dreamed of having beautiful and radiant skin herself, but today Esther brings this heritage to life while offering new expertise acquired during her studies in France at a prestigious beauty school in Paris.

Thanks to close collaboration with leading research laboratories, it has developed a range of expert skin care products: formulas highly concentrated in active ingredients to guarantee exceptional effectiveness and ease of use, adapted to the lifestyle of Western women: "2 in 1" skin care : Skin Élysée Paris was born at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

This combination of two cultures and two types of know-how offers a universal beauty based on an innovative 2-in-1 concept: a complete daily facial care and an intense skin care mask. know-how: the heritage of our brand inspired by "layering", the beauty secret of her Chinese grandmother who led the founder to create an authentic range of products combining traditional Asian rituals and European modernity.

Expertise: Thanks to a true partnership of collaboration with major scientific laboratories, our research and development team has developed exceptional formulas highly concentrated in active ingredients and using the best technologies: Safety: Tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically, all our formulas are paraben-free, fragrance-free and dye free. The silky and smooth textures have been specially designed to improve efficiency and ensure that the active ingredients are perfectly absorbed by the skin.