Our Heritage, Your Beauty

At Skin Elysées, we invite you to discover a skincare philosophy that's as deeply rooted in tradition as it is in cutting-edge science—a celebration of beauty, legacy, and the art of self-care.

At Skin Elysées, our essence is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Asian beauty rituals, passionately embraced by our founder, Esther. Raised in China, she was inspired by her grandmother's 'layering' technique, a revered method that applies multiple skincare products sequentially, enhancing each layer's effect—a secret to luminous, youthful skin now celebrated throughout Asia.

Our Story

Esther's expertise blossomed in Paris, where she refined her skills at a distinguished beauty school, leading to the creation of Skin Élysées. Here, Eastern heritage meets Western innovation, crafting a skincare philosophy that merges timeless tradition with contemporary flair.

Our Philosophy

Embracing Heritage

Merging ancient Asian 'layering' with modern techniques for effective, heritage-rich skincare.

Fusion of Cultures

Skin Elysées stands at the intersection of Parisian chic and Shanghai's age-old beauty wisdom, creating a skincare line that's innovative and globally inspired.

Simplified Elegance

'2-in-1' skincare blends daily essentials with potent treatments, simplifying beauty routines.

Commitment to Excellence

Prioritizing top-quality ingredients and advanced research for luxurious, effective skincare results.

Our Loyal Friends says…

Institut qui mérite ses commentaires positifs ! La boutique est superbement décorée. Les soins du visage sont vraiment agréables. Nous avons eu une superbe expérience ma copine et moi ! En couple ou en solo, je vous conseille vivement de tester au moins une fois les massages et soins (vous n’allez pas le regretter😊)!

Rémi Dai

Google Reviews

Our Promise

Dedicated to your skin's health and beauty, our products are safe, effective, and free from harmful additives, ensuring a luxurious and beneficial experience.

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